Application of Microwave Oven Without Harm Health

Application of Microwave Oven Without Harm Health

Precisely several decades ago, women had to devote a lot of time to homework, such as washing, cleaning and cooking, and that was not to say that they were engaged in drama.

It was especially difficult for mothers with many children, because, in addition to a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, each child needed honourable ironed clothes. With the sale of a wide variety of different household appliances, their work has been greatly facilitated, because, by installing the program, the tool itself launches laundry, using a multivark or microwave oven, you can quickly prepare a large number of dishes that are available in almost every household.

As it became known, the French scientists conducted a mob of studies, according to which they named some erroneous actions performed when using microwaves, which are harmful to health.

Do not use phony containers

First, it concerns containers made of plastic, in which it is strictly forbidden to prepare and heat products in such furnaces, because when exposed to inebriated temperatures, chemicals, including bisphenolA, lead to disruption of the hormonal system.

In addition, such food can provoke the appearance of diabetes, obesity, as justly as cancer. Therefore, it is necessary to use special dishes, which are available in shops a wide choice.

To ensure that the food was not only delicious, but also utilitarian, it is necessary to set the time correctly, in this case, in case of incomplete cooking, you can not remove it from the oven.

In order to get hold of the container, be sure to use a potholder to leave alone burns. It is impossible to defrost the products in the oven, which are in plastic bags, because they can transmit harmful chemicals contained in their structure. It should be remembered that while in the kitchen, you can not use several electrical devices at the same time, because the magnetic waves emitted by them can adversely stir the health status.

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