As in Early Vegetables Reduce the Number of Pesticides

As in Early Vegetables Reduce the Number of Pesticides

After a long winter, when the body lacks the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, many people try to fill up its deficit with fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, which appear on the shelves of stores and markets, beginning in early spring.

Strawberries, cherries, young carrots, cabbage, zucchini and cucumbers with their appetizing appearance attract the attention of many buyers who do not even think that the majority of these products, in addition to useful substances, also contain nitrates, pesticides that harm the body.

The fact is that when growing vegetables, producers often use them, wanting to get a high yield and extend the shelf life of products, as well as for destroying pests, while they do not care about people’s health, so you must do it yourself.

Useful Tips from Specialists

Specialists offer several tips, using which you can significantly reduce the content of pesticides in vegetables, thereby protecting your body from their effects.

First, during their purchase, it is necessary to make the right choice, giving preference not to average fruits, because large ones contain the maximum amount of nitrates.

It should be remembered that in the upper leaves of cabbage, the tips of cucumbers, eggplant, courgettes, and also the pedicels of other vegetables, harmful substances accumulate, so it is better not to use these parts of the fruit, cutting them about two centimeters.

Before preparing any dishes from these vegetables, you must first rinse them well, and then put in cold water, for about половина an hour.

Such an easy procedure helps to remove a certain amount of pesticides from vegetables, but during the cooking, quenching and heat treatment they are destroyed almost completely.

At the same time, one important factor should be taken into account: during the cooking of vegetables, the first water must be drained immediately, as soon as it boils, and continue cooking in another water, to which salt should be added. When preparing a salad of fresh vegetables as a dressing, use lemon juice, which, thanks to the acid content, destroys harmful substances that harm the body.

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