Because of What Turns On The Sulfur Dioxide

Because of What Turns On The Sulfur Dioxide

One of the problems that arises in many people is the sulfur plug in the ear, which can cause painful sensations, affect hearing impairment, and even contribute to inflammatory processes.

The formation of the plug can be affected by various factors, so you need to identify the main one and take appropriate measures to remove it. Typically, ear canal accumulates earwax, dead skin cells and sebaceous glands, which form a cork.

The causes of its appearance may be otitis media, dirty air with high humidity, neglect of hygiene, as well as frequent and prolonged use of headphones.

It should be noted that recently many young people have various hearing disorders, which are connected with headphones.

Why You Need To Get Rid Of It

Depending on the size of the cork and its location in the ear canal, various symptoms appear, for example, stuffiness and tinnitus, hearing impairment, dizziness, and the onset of headache and the appearance of nausea. In case of occurrence of such symptoms, it is necessary to address for the help to the otolaryngologist. Do not forget that if you do not remove the cork for a long time, it can lead to inflammation, the treatment of which will require a lot of time, money and energy. To eliminate the traffic jams, various methods are used, one of which is ear washing, a practically painless procedure that only causes unpleasant sensations.

To get rid of sulfur it is possible by introducing special substances into the ear, by means of which it softens and gradually leaves itself.

However, such substances are contraindicated for people who have a traumatic eardrum, as well as children up to the age of three. Another method is vacuum-aspiration of plugs, but this is a more expensive procedure, besides not every clinic conducts it. In any case, experts do not recommend removing the cork themselves, because in addition to increasing the risk of infection, you can injure the ear, which will worsen the hearing, and in some cases, to complete loss.

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