Benefit and Harm from Air Conditioning Work

Benefit and Harm from Air Conditioning Work

Hot summer days are best spent on the seashore, well, or rivers, lakes, where you can sunbathe, swim in the water, which saves from the heat.

However, not all and not always there is the possibility of such a holiday, because many people have to work, and being in stuffy rooms.

Airing does not give the desired result, because the open windows, in addition to warm air, also gets dust, which has a negative effect on health.

At present, air conditioners have found wide application, having installed them in the room, it is possible to create any favorable temperature, moreover, people who suffer from such diseases as asthma and allergy, have seizures less often.

What Dangers to Health They Present

However, if you do not comply with the rules of use and maintenance of air conditioners, then instead of good you can damage your health. The fact is that some of them work in reverse mode, when the air is chasing in a circle, and as is known, various viruses and bacteria penetrate the room, which increases the chance of getting an infectious disease, especially in places where there is a lot of people , among which there may be patients.

Air conditioner filters let through a huge amount of dust, bacteria, pollen that settle inside it, and if they are not cleaned in time, all these harmful substances will спрэд around the room, which can cause the appearance of a cough, sore throat, and a cold.

Experts say that it is necessary to clean the filters every month, and completely all the air-conditioner is not less than once in two years. Everyone knows that sudden changes in air temperature can cause colds and other, more serious diseases, such as pneumonia.

Therefore, in the heat, try as little as possible to go out of the office, in which the air conditioner maintains a cool temperature. It is worth remembering that these devices dry the air, which worsens the skin, causing its irritation and dryness. In order not to get harm from the operation of the air conditioner in the living quarters, it is better to install them not in the rooms, but in the corridor, and this should be done by a professional.

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