Benefits and Harms of Day Cream

Benefits and Harms of Day Cream

All the scientists in the field of medicine speak about the benefits of sleep, and a lot of articles have been written about this in which it says that lack of sleep is the cause of many diseases, not to mention the fact that in such cases the person becomes lethargic, irritable.

With the fact that at night an adult needs to sleep for at least seven hours, all the experts agree, but disagreements arise over the day’s sleep.

Until recently, it was believed that after sleeping in the day, a person’s well-being improves, but after a study conducted by representatives of one of the American universities, it became known that such a dream can cause heart disease.

To this conclusion they came after more than two thousand people who became participants in the experiment, lovers of daytime sleep, had a predisposition to heart disease. The fact is that during such a holiday the biological clock breaks down, as a result of which, at night, a person suffers from insomnia, because he slept during the day, which leads to a deterioration in overall health.

It is not recommended to Sleep in the afternoon from 15 to 18 hours

Particular danger is a dream in the afternoon, namely from three o’clock in the afternoon to six in the evening, because exactly at this time it often causes severe headaches and weakens the body. Naturally, this does not apply to children, because they need to sleep during the day for the development of the body and the strengthening of immunity.

It should be remembered that the physiological characteristics of people differ from each other, and just recently it was recommended to allocate enough time for sleep, because physicians believed that night lack of sleep can be compensated for by sleeping during the day.

As for new research, in order to regain strength, it’s enough to take a nap in the afternoon for no more than twenty minutes, because such rest will help you gain strength and will not lead to headaches, increased pressure and insomnia, as it happens if you slept for a long time. In conclusion, I would like to note that this does not apply to people working in the night shift, who simply need to sleep during the day.

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