Causes of Deterioration of Nail Condition

Causes of Deterioration of Nail Condition

They say that the age of a woman can be determined by her hands, and, this concerns not only the condition of the skin, but also the manicure, which plays an important role, because beautiful, well-groomed nails improve the appearance.

However, it is worth remembering that changing the state of nails, as well as skin and hair, may indicate a deficiency in the body of nutrients, as well as the presence of certain diseases, so in case of deterioration, it is necessary to identify the cause. If the nails become brittle and slack, then this can indicate a violation of digestion, anemia, as well as a lack of vitamin D, calcium, iodine and other microelements.

In this case, do not forget that external factors and improper care can also negatively affect the condition of the nails.

When washing dishes, washing, damp cleaning of premises with the use of household chemicals, be sure to use rubber gloves, because these drugs can adversely affect not only the nails, but also the skin of the hands. In the cold season, when on the street you need to wear mittens, at the same time pre-apply a protective хэнд cream, because as a result of hypothermia, dry skin and nails can appear. The cause may be a burn, various injuries and even such a harmful habit as smoking.

How to Strengthen Nails

Some women, trying to hide the defect of the nails, do a gel manicure or build-up, but in this way the problem will not be solved, because it is necessary to find out what is causing this.

If the change in nails is not associated with a health disorder, then you need to reconsider your habits, for example, quit smoking, thereby not only improving their condition, but also preventing other diseases associated with nicotine addiction.

Doing a manicure at home, before applying a nail polish, apply a special protective agent to the nails, do not dilute the dried varnish, but rather get rid of them. To strengthen the nails periodically make baths, with the greatest effect obtained when using natural milk and sea salt.