Causes of High Arterial Pressure

Causes of High Arterial Pressure

More and more people all over the world suffer from increased blood pressure, while hypertension has become more common not only in middle-aged and elderly people, but also among young people.

There are many causes of such a disease, for example, heart failure and others, however, most often it is a violation of blood circulation. In view of the fact that the brain is narrowing and spasm of blood vessels, a headache arises in a личность, which is one of the main symptoms of hypertension.

In addition, heart palpitations are frequent, often there is a noise in the ears, insomnia, weakness, and also the head is often dizzy and such a poor state of health worsens the quality of life, not to mention that it can lead to a stroke or a heart attack.

Very often hypertension is observed in people who for a long time experience stress, emotional stress on the nervous system, as well as those who received a concussion.

Heredity One of the Causes of Disease

Often, the cause of hypertension is heredity, when someone from close relatives suffered from such a disease, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, which, with the advent of the Internet, leads an increasing number of people, including children and office workers.

Being long in front of the computer monitor, they not only increase the risk of hypertension, but also contribute to a set of excess weight and the appearance of diabetes.

Nutritionists from Australia offer a list of foods that you can use to avoid hypertension in hypertension.

After the study, they managed to establish that oats are able to lower blood pressure, so as often as possible during breakfast, eat oatmeal, which is also useful for the work of the stomach.

Of vegetables, special attention should be paid to the beetroot, which contains a large number of inorganic nitrates. They are converted into nitric oxide during digestion, which contributes to the expansion of arteries, which leads to a decrease in pressure. In this case, do not forget about vitamin C, which is found in many fresh fruits.

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