Healthy Teeth from a Child

Healthy Teeth from a Child

A radiant smile adorns any person, but to get it, you need to properly care for your teeth, and you need to start from an early age.

To avoid inflammation of the gums and the appearance of caries, care is needed for the oral cavity, so you need to tell the children how important this is.

First, it is necessary to limit the child to using sweets, because besides the destruction of tooth enamel, this can provoke the appearance of excess weight, which often becomes the cause of diabetes.

The children’s diet should be designed in such a way that there is a sufficient amount of fluoride in it, which helps strengthen the enamel. In addition, pay special attention to dairy products, yogurt, cottage cheese, kefir, which are rich in calcium.

It is necessary to monitor the state of teeth from childhood

Ensure that the child has learned the rule, twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, brush his teeth, and after each meal rinse his mouth, such a simple procedure will help get rid of the secreted acid. A toothbrush for children should be soft and comfortable, so that the baby does not refuse brushing his teeth.

It is necessary to change it every three months, because a huge amount of bacteria accumulates, and for children who are not yet three years old, give a toothpaste without fluorine, because it does not pose a danger in the event that a child swallows it.

To maintain teeth in a healthy state, you should visit the dentist regularly. Many parents ask a question, whether it is necessary to treat children’s milk teeth, if they still fall out?

Experts unequivocally answer – yes, because exactly they play an important role in the formation of the jaw, because the first teeth must always be given due attention. Explain to the child that due to modern equipment and special gels for children, dental treatment is painless, so do not be afraid to go to the doctor for another examination, and let it be a good habit, due to which it will be possible to keep the teeth in good condition. But, it will be better if you give the child an example.

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