How Dangerous is the Flatness

How Dangerous is the Flatness

Many people have various foot defects, but the most common is flatfoot, and if the majority believes that this is not so serious a disease, they are deeply mistaken.

There are two types of flatfoot – congenital and acquired, and according to statistics, about 12% of children are born with this pathology.

As for the acquired flat feet, this disease is more often observed in people who have to stay on their feet for a long time, for example, sellers, waiters, hairdressers and other professions who, because of constant heavy loads, there is a decrease in muscle tone.

Also, the cause of their weakening and the appearance of the disease may be a deficiency in the body of vitamin D, or as a result of injuries inflicted on the feet. Due to deformation, the foot loses balance, which creates an additional strain on the joints and spine, thereby worsening the quality of life.

Symptoms That Indicate This Disease

The appearance of flat feet may indicate some symptoms, one of which is a feeling of heaviness and swelling of the legs, especially in the evening after a day’s work.

If walking or standing in a standing position, your legs get tired quickly, this may indicate the presence of such a disease of the feet, as well as shoes that are tattered from within.

However, not only foot fatigue can cause flat feet, but also provoke more serious diseases, for example, arthrosis, because as during walking, running joints have to perform the function of protecting against shaking. In addition, the gait becomes severe, resulting in scoliosis, infringement of vertebral nerves and varicose veins.

As you can see, it would seem that such an innocuous disease can cause harm to health, therefore, the treatment that the orthopedist performs, prescribing a set of exercises, including massage, physiotherapy, and the selection of special orthopedic footwear, is required. As for children’s flat feet, it is easily amenable to correction, therefore, the earlier the treatment is started, the more effective the result, but in adults it is possible to stop the development of the disease.

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