How Does a Car Failure Affect Health?

How Does a Car Failure Affect Health?

For a long time the car has ceased to be a luxury item, because now it is often used for trips to work, shopping for shopping, or go on vacation with the whole family.

In many countries, because of the large number of cars that often create congestion on the roads, there is a deterioration of the atmosphere, because air pollution exceeds the standards several times.

All this has a negative impact on the health status of urban residents, who have headaches, often have attacks of allergies and other diseases.

However, these are all the negative aspects of riding a personal car, because scientists have proved that while driving a личность deteriorates, both physical and psychological condition, often leading to stress.

This became known after measuring the pulse and pressure of the people driving the car, the figures were higher than those who used public transport, while the first category of people were more irritable.

Motorists Are More Frequent With Heart Diseases

According to the conducted research specialists were able to find out that those people who abandoned a personal car almost three times decreased cases of heart and vascular diseases.

In their мнение, public transport will be an excellent alternative to the car, as well as a bicycle, which is cheaper to ride and improves health.

Moreover, many European countries have a large number of bicycle rental outlets, as well as special bike paths. And this is not to say that it is scientifically proven, constant cycling extends years of life, and also prevents the emergence of excess weight, which affects more people, both middle and senior, and young people and even children.

Especially it became relevant with the advent of the Internet, because, instead of walking or gambling in the open air, many people spend most of their free time at the computer, tablets or smartphones, which leads not only to obesity, but also to other health problems.