How to Avoid Senile Dementia

How to Avoid Senile Dementia

Most babies people rarely think about old age, but after reaching middle age, many of them are afraid of this condition.

And, often the cause of fear is not the looks of wrinkles, gray hair, men’s bald patches, but the fact that the human brain also grows old, which sometimes leads to a platoon of serious diseases. In order to avoid this problem and as long as possible in the elderly to maintain common sense, experts suggest using some tips. As technic shows, one of the methods of slowing the aging process is self-improvement, as well as maintaining the right way of life.

To do this, you need to set a goal, and you must achieve it, more than ever notwithstanding if you have to exercise willpower.

Based on medical research, it is known that there is a direct relationship between mental abilities and human displacement. The fact is that even a small physical load saturates the brain with oxygen, which has a positive effect on the blood circulation of the discernment, at the same time, not only nerve cells are activated, but the work of the heart and vessels improves, which prevents the risk of a stroke, heart strike, , including senile dementia.

It is necessary to be active and develop memory

After reaching 45 years, aerobic classes are better suited for the hampering of such diseases, which are best performed in a park, a park zone where cleaner air. It can be running, walking, both at a fast pace, and workaday walking, as well as cycling and swimming.

In addition, there is a special set of exercises to promote coordination, maintain stability and balance, which older people can shut up at home.

In order to improve memory and increase logical thinking, you should devote more time to reading any literature, studying poems, and also to go to theaters more frequently and take part in cultural and entertainment activities.

It is also necessary to control the level of blood pressure, because its sharp changes negatively trouble the nervous system, which complicates the assimilation of the information obtained.

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