How to Avoid the Cold If You Have Wet Legs

How to Avoid the Cold If You Have Wet Legs

So the long-awaited summer has come, and with it sharp weather changes, when the heat is quickly replaced by a thunderstorm with torrential downpours and vice versa, so it is very difficult to find a wardrobe and shoes.

Of course, during the rain you can take shelter under the umbrella, but the legs are always unprotected, as a result of which they often get wet, supercooled and all this leads to colds and sometimes more serious diseases at best.

Experts warn that for a long time in wet shoes, rhinitis, ARI, often causing complications, including inflammation of the lungs, may appear.

In addition, soaked feet can cause infectious diseases of the kidneys, inflammation of the joints, and, as is known, arthritis sometimes causes disability and fungal diseases. Recently, the fungus on the legs is observed all in more people, while curing such a disease is almost impossible on its own, because only a dermatologist can do this.

Good Effect Gives Warm Foot Bath

If you still wet your feet, so as not to get sick, you need to change shoes as soon as possible, and also to change wet socks, tights, to avoid the appearance of fungus. If possible, make a foot bath of warm water with the addition of mustard and sea salt, and to improve blood flow, increase the performance of the immune system and warming, perform a foot massage, for which you can use a cloth made from natural wool, to which several drops of any liquid containing alcohol.

As a prophylaxis against the appearance of arthritis, a bath with hot water, in which to pour in a little broth from mint, chamomile and other plants, is good.

Hot tea or a decoction of herbs with the addition of a small amount of honey and ginger, and as it is known this root contributes to the acceleration of the metabolic process, will be very useful. Naturally, all these measures are for people who came home drenched, but how to be the one who in this form was at work, for example in the office?

Probably everyone in the workplace has replaceable shoes, but to avoid the appearance of an inflammatory process, a good effect gives essential oils, such as eucalyptus, pine and others.

It is enough to only apply a few drops of such oil to the breast and rub it, and you will protect yourself from the common cold.