How to Clean and Nourish the Skin in the Home Conditions

How to Clean and Nourish the Skin in the Home Conditions

In symmetry to look younger as long as possible, to be attractive women do not spare neither forces nor means, to care for their appearance, and sometimes they harmonize to surgery.

However, not every one of them can afford regular visits to beauty salons, so, for example, peeling, you have to do on your own, and, according to experts, such procedures, conducted at stamping-ground, show a good result.

The fact is that thanks to peeling, the upper layer of the skin clears from the dead cells, because of which it is finical for the beneficial substances to penetrate inside, as a result of which there is a violation of heat regulation and the skin becomes dry, irritation appears.

What Products To Use For Peeling

To demean such a procedure, cosmetologists use acid, using chemical compounds that are unsafe, but it is also found in some fruits, such as kiwi, grapes and apples of conservationist varieties.

Doing a peeling of such fresh products, will not succeed, only to avoid damage to the skin, but also to get vitamin nutrition.

Also its betterment is that it can be held more often than in salons, and it does not take a long time to prepare the composition, because it is enough to squeeze out of these fruits the extract along with the pulp, which then apply to the previously cleansed skin of the face for no more than Ten minutes.

After that, you should moisturize the skin, for which use a major cream, and even better a mask made from cottage cheese, olive oil and cream, which has nutritional properties that will style it elastic, beautiful and will give freshness.

In order to avoid wrinkles on the face for as long as possible, dark circles around the eyes do not enter into the picture, which significantly worsens the appearance. In addition, it is necessary to adhere to proper nutrition and observe the daily routine in which to give proper heed to rest, sports, to avoid lack of sleep, and also to consume fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and marine products that contain all the needful useful substances.