How to Office Workers Save a Good Posture

How to Office Workers Save a Good Posture

Many office workers complain about back problems, and this is not surprising, because during the whole working day they have to sit at the computer, and, as you know, sedentary work not only harms health, but also contributes to the appearance of extra pounds.

In order to avoid serious consequences, experts suggest some recommendations, adhering to which you can maintain a good posture, as well as prevent back pain and the appearance of a disease such as scoliosis.

It Depends on the Right Workplace Selection

First, you need to properly organize your workplace, and, this applies not only to the desk and chair, but also to lighting. Most often, working at a computer, people leaning forward, slouched, while the hands are in a half-bent state, which leads to pain in the shoulder joints, as well as the neck and back.

Also, there is often a position of the body in which, while in the reclining chair and stretching out the legs, you increase the load on the lower back, and also increase the tension of the neck muscles, which not only negatively affects the spine, but also worsens the circulation of the legs, which leads to swelling .

The most interesting is that after the end of the working day, when you come home, you again sit at the computer monitor or lie on your side in front of the TV screen throughout the evening, and this despite the fact that physicians do not advise to stay in the same position for a long time, but in For every hour, do a simple workout.

While at the desk, the legs should stand on the floor, and not be in a crossed position, so as not to disturb the blood circulation, while not stooping, keep your back straight.

The back of the chair should be rigid, at the same time to match the bend of the spine. Those people who have problems with vision, so as not to bend constantly to the monitor, which should be at eye level, it is necessary to use glasses or lenses. Try to follow these simple recommendations, and very soon you will notice that at work you have become less likely to appear tired, improved well-being, and naturally increased efficiency.