How to Quickly Get Rid of Colds

How to Quickly Get Rid of Colds

Despite the fact that it is summer now, a large number of people suffer from cold and viral diseases, and this is not surprising, because it is often possible to observe sudden jumps in air temperature, or how the heat is replaced by pouring дождь with a thunderstorm.

And this is not to say that being in a stuffy room, sweating increases and, being in such a state of sufficient small draft to catch a cold. The cold itself is not a particular danger, but its symptoms significantly impair the quality of life.

In order to get rid of this ailment as soon as possible, experts propose to adhere to certain recommendations, of which the main thing is compliance with bed rest.

It’s no secret that many people who have a cough, runny nose and a slight fever, continue to lead a normal life and attend work, which can not be done, because the body has to spend energy to fight a cold disease, and this regime requires considerable energy expenditure.

Be sure to maintain the Norm Water Balance

In no case should you be dehydrated, for which it is necessary to drink as much warm water as possible, which helps to cleanse the body of toxic and pathogenic microorganisms. In this case, tea and coffee, which you are accustomed to drinking during the day, it is better to replace herbal infusions or berry fruit, preferring such forest berries as cranberries and cranberries, as well as raspberries.

A good effect in the treatment of cold gives a decoction, prepared from the leaves of black currant, mint, linden, because they have healing properties.

To remove puffiness in the throat, warm water with the addition of a small amount of table salt will be good, and such rinses must be repeated every половина hour, which will quickly remove the inflammation.

Do not forget about honey, which is an excellent medicine for sore throat and cough, and besides, this natural antiseptic clears the vessels and removes toxins from the body. To strengthen immunity and restore energy, the patient’s diet should be chicken broth, which contains fats and calories, with which to increase its stock.