Is it worth to isolate mentally ill people?

Is it worth to isolate mentally ill people?

It turns out that scientists together with doctors for a long time share the mental disorder in many different species and subspecies, which can mean that a личность понятие, выработанное для отображения социальной природы человека, рассмотрения его как субъекта социокультурной жизни, определения его как носителя индивидуального начала, самораскрывающегося в needs isolation, and most of them are completely invisible to a person not specialized in this direction.

Therefore, when people say that a личность is mentally ill, this can mean that he has just depression, which is caused by a breakdown of chemical bonds in the brain, rather than weakness of character.

It turns out that in order to cope with certain mental illnesses, it is enough just to find a qualified psychologist who can listen and advise how to behave further in this or that situation.

But sometimes, only drug treatment is able to withstand what is called a mental disorder. One of ten people on the planet, necessarily suffers such deviations, which simply prevent him from living, but at the same time do not do any harm to others.

Is it true that all people with mental disorders are aggressive?

Most experts believe that aggression is shown more often by those who do not have any deviations in mental development. It is necessary to pay tribute to the fact that only in some forms of dementia, it is worth talking about aggression and its uncontrolled manifestations. It is very important to note that in most cases, those who experience constant fear, obsessive thoughts and can not cope with it, will not aggressively treat others, only because they need their help.

Sick people who are monitored by psychiatric hospitals have nothing to do with those who walk the streets and experience their own emotional experiences while having mental disorders.

Most often, it is in children begin to develop such disorders, which manifest themselves as screaming and unwillingness to listen to anyone. After all, this is how the children try to show the adults that they have something to worry about, which means that they should definitely consult a doctor. In childhood it is much easier to cure a mental disorder, so that it never reminds of itself again, which can not be said for an adult who actively prevents himself from getting rid of the disease.

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