Lack of sleep. Decreased activity of the brain

Lack of sleep. Decreased activity of the brain

The causes of poor sleep can be a combination of different factors, weather conditions, fatigue, a poor psychoemotional mood, and also later falling asleep.

Scientists argue that for a личность the optimal time to fall asleep is in the interval of 23.00-01.00 and not later.

If you go to bed after two o’clock in the morning, then the strength of biological sleep will not be the same as if you go to bed at 11 o’clock in the evening. Moreover, this has a very negative effect on the human condition, his mood and, what is very important, on his intellectual abilities.

It’s better to wake up early in the morning

Most people believe that it’s important to get enough sleep 8 hours a day. Today, there are a lot of different techniques that claim that a личность can get enough sleep for 6 per day.

In this case everything depends on the time of falling asleep. For example, if you go to bed at 2 am and wake up at 10 am, then often a личность is in such a gloomy state and semi-passive.

But if you go to bed before 23.00 and wake up at 5 am, then in most cases, the activity of such a личность понятие, выработанное для отображения социальной природы человека, рассмотрения его как субъекта социокультурной жизни, определения его как носителя индивидуального начала, самораскрывающегося в will be much higher than in the previous case. But also it is necessary to consider, that such person already by 20.00 can start to feel fatigue.

The truth for this period of time he will perform better work and faster than the one that will wake up at 10 am. Scientists have not really been able to explain this fact.

They only assert that, no matter how many people go to bed, the internal biorhythms of a личность already after sunrise, that is, in the interval of 6-7 hours of the morning, begin to reduce melatonin in the body and stimulate the body to its activity, even without considering the fact that it most recently went to bed. Naturally, intellectual abilities are significantly reduced from this, which has been repeatedly confirmed by very different medical evidence. It is for this reason that it is important to always go to bed on time. People say that to sleep, you need to lie down on different days of falling asleep and waking up, that is, until midnight.