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International Medical Journal Obzoroff Shop will help you find descriptions of cosmetics and medicines, useful tools for weight loss, rejuvenation and treatment of diseases! Obzoroff magazine contains the latest news of traditional and traditional medicine. We try to make the most detailed description of all popular drugs to answer frequently asked questions of our readers, such as: pharmaceutical effect of the drug, composition and action of the drug components, method of application and instructions for use, real reviews of customers and specialists, useful properties of drugs, video review and unpacking the package with the goods, how and where to buy, the current price and sales schedule. We will definitely indicate the official website of the manufacturer, where you can look at the product you like, familiarize yourself with its characteristics and, if necessary, order it without risk to your health and wallet.

International Medical Journal Obzoroff Shop

Now, in the era of the development of electronic communications technologies, Internet marketing is actively developing and various online stores appear in large numbers, and advertising is widely spread through news sites, social networks such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks. Unfortunately, often unscrupulous advertisers distribute poor-quality or completely useless product, outwardly similar to the one that is really able to help a person in solving a particular problem. Therefore, we provide a photo of how the original product looks like and its fake, as well as information on how to distinguish a real product from a fake, and other tips on how to prevent buyers from purchasing low-quality goods.

Thus, thanks to our portal, you can get reliable and reliable information about a variety of drugs. You will read descriptions of useful remedies for treating diseases, weight loss, weight loss and rejuvenation, learn about the pros and cons of each of them and, based on the information received, you can decide for yourself which one of the above is the most suitable for you.

We will help you not only to get expert information about a particular drug, but also tell you about the real feedback from ordinary people who have tried this drug on themselves. An important aspect of this is that our magazine is not advertising. Our goal is to give readers useful information about medicines and products for rejuvenation or weight loss. Therefore, all the reviews that you will find on our portal are real.

We do not seek to promote any particular product or, conversely, to show it from a disadvantageous side (we are not engaged in the so-called “black PR”). Our goal is to provide complete and reliable information to our readers. Therefore, all reviews of customers and specialists that we publish are 100% reliable. All of them are written by living people based on their own experience in the use of these drugs. We will also tell you about what the official manufacturers of medicines are silent about.

Reading us, you will be able to find out absolutely everything about the drug: the pharmaceutical effect, possible side effects, the composition and action of the components of the drug, and much more. We will help you avoid buying counterfeits by showing a video review and unpacking the parcel with the goods, so that you have a real idea of ​​how a real tool issued by an official manufacturer should look.

This information will help you avoid buying counterfeit medicines that may not only not have the expected effect, but, on the contrary, harm your health. We will also tell you about how and where you can buy the original of a particular drug, so as not to become a victim of fraudsters by purchasing a fake.We will tell you about reliable proven suppliers, in the integrity of which we had the opportunity to see for yourself, as well as advise you on the level of current prices so that you do not have to buy drugs at an exorbitant price.

Obzoroff describes the detailed composition of drugs

Our site Obzoroff undertook the difficult task of choosing from the whole mass of various means only those that are available:

  • Quality certificate;
  • Detailed composition of the drug;
  • Real customer reviews;
  • Expert opinion of physicians and specialists;
  • Detailed composition on the package;
  • Instructions for use;
  • Current cost and manufacturer’s website.

The effect and effect claimed by the manufacturer. The end user is obliged to know the complete and reliable information about the purchased product, what components it consists of, understand its properties, indications for use and contraindications, the intended effect and the duration of the course of use.

If possible, we also provide video reviews of products with their unpacking to show what exactly comes to the final consumer after making an order, as well as a photo of what a fake of a product looks like so that the buyer knows how to distinguish it from the original. It is often difficult to find a clear description on the Internet, which, moreover, would not be limited to two or three short sentences, of which the reader has little to understand. Obzoroff Shop is intended to correct the situation and make the information accessible and easy to read for users of the site.

First of all, we try to prepare reviews of the most interesting products that have an extraordinary, at first glance, effect, for example, Caboki hair thickener. Agree: this tool is inherently incredibly ingenious and at the same time simple, and most importantly, interesting. With all this, it has already helped thousands of people on the globe to get rid of bald patches, creating a thick head of hair, which is clearly shown in the video review on the use of Kaboki fiber.

In each article on our site reviews of goods there are always real reviews, positive or negative, about a particular product, as well as links to reputable sources, where customer reviews are left and there are recommendations from doctors, experts and specialists in medicine, cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. A lot of information was taken from the records of the program “Live Healthy”, where Dr. Elena Malysheva gives advice and recommendations on the treatment of various diseases and drugs that promote healing from various ailments.

The site is a professional source of information on which highly qualified specialists work. In addition, it is multilingual. Most medical articles have online tests that will help you learn a lot of new and useful things about yourself. For example, what type of skin you have, when to start losing weight, what products are not recommended to eat, the metabolic type of the organism, tests for attentiveness and visual acuity.

As entertainment, you can visit the pages of the daily horoscope, online tests and divination on the cubes. Thus, our first priority is to provide users (visitors to our site) with clear, accessible and as complete information as possible about various medicinal preparations.

At the same time, we do not strive to cover the description of all pharmaceutical products currently on the domestic market within this resource. What is the point of telling, for example, about such popular products as aspirin or activated carbon? First, such means are really mass consumer goods, in connection with which there is hardly a person who does not know what these medicines should look like and what healing properties they possess.

Secondly, the price of these drugs is too low for them to be interesting as a subject for the manufacture of counterfeits. On the pages of our portal Obzoroff is placed, above all, information about new medicines.Here it should be noted that all of them are divided into 2 large categories: New or little-known drugs that have a real healing or health effect on a person.

Since the cost of most of these drugs is relatively high, they become a tasty morsel for the so-called “black pharmacists” – people involved in the manufacture of counterfeit medicines and marketing them for profit. In this case, the Obzoroff magazine’s task is to inform the readers about how the original medicine should actually look and where it can be purchased in order not to become a victim of fraudsters.

For these purposes, we conduct video reviews and unpacking packages with goods, so that you can see how the original medicinal product should look and distinguish it from a fake. New drugs that are actively promoted on the market through advertising, but they do not have the stated healing properties. Such products, as a rule, do not have a quality certificate, and the pharmaceutical effect of the drug is far from what is stated in the advertisement.

In this case, the specialists of the medical journal “Obzoroff” tell visitors of the portal about the real properties of this drug, which are far from those stated in the advertisement. We talk about the composition and effect of the components of the drug, conveying to consumers information about what they can actually get from taking this drug, and what is nothing more than fiction and advertising PR of entrepreneurial manufacturers. I would like to emphasize once again that Obzoroff is not a commercial project aimed at advertising promotion of drugs.

We do not cooperate with any of the manufacturers or suppliers of pharmaceutical products. The goal of our project is to provide readers with complete and reliable information about medicines, their composition, pharmaceutical properties, contraindications and side effects. None of our articles is unfounded. The entire material posted in Obzoroff magazine is confirmed by real customer reviews (both positive and negative), expert opinion, as well as thorough research of drugs and their composition for real availability of active ingredients and their pharmaceutical properties.

Why it is profitable to buy drugs through the Internet

Lack of drugs is a thing of the past. Now they are produced in large quantities, and foreign drugs are also quite accessible. In connection with this, new pharmacies are opening, working around the clock, seven days a week. Buy drugs cheaply and online. However, the possibility of acquiring medications through the Internet, many still treat with distrust.

Do these outlets of drugs deserve attention? Let’s figure it out together. First of all, it should be noted that our compatriots seek to make purchases of medicines in stationary pharmacies for two reasons:

  • First of all, it is inertia of thinking. After all, pharmacies for dozens (if not hundreds) of years served as the only place where medicines could be purchased. During this time, a certain stereotype formed in the heads of people, according to which in order to buy medicines or other medical goods, it was necessary to go to the pharmacy.
  • The second reason is partly a consequence of the first. It lies in trust in pharmacies and the fear of shopping for health products elsewhere.

Why risk and try to order medicines on the Internet, if the same medicines can be cheaply purchased at one of the nearest pharmacies. But is this really the case? We tried to understand this issue further, highlighting the pros and cons of buying drugs through the Internet.

The advantages of buying drugs in online pharmacies

When purchasing medical supplies through online pharmacies, you can feel the obvious advantages, which include the following: A wide range of products. If a stationary small pharmacy often cannot contain all the variety of drugs of different directions, then the Internet point allows you to do this without any restrictions.

Acceptable prices. As a rule, they are somewhat lower than those installed in regular pharmacies. To make sure of this, it is enough to go through several drug names and compare the cost. In addition, online services often hold promotions and offer discounts. The possibility of delivery to anywhere in the world. This is one of the main advantages of online pharmacies.

When you are sick or simply do not have time for hiking, it is enough to choose and order the goods, and you will be delivered directly to the door. In a pinch, to the nearest post office. Different payment methods. Cash, by credit plastic card or electronic money – at your convenience. All drugs for medical purposes most often have several basic forms of release: powder, syrup, capsules, cream, gel, spray, paste, emulsion, sachet, pills, strip of mono dose.

It is worth mentioning also about saving time and effort to find the right medicine. It often happens that the required drug is not in the nearest pharmacy, or even a few. In circumstances where the tool is needed urgently, the problem is best solved simply by sitting at the computer. Trust online pharmacies can, as they are licensed and operate legally.


Instructions and a certificate of quality are attached to all marketable drugs, and if the medicine you need is sold by prescription, simply send the photo of it when ordering the medicine or show it to the courier upon receipt.It is very convenient to buy medical supplies in this way, and this service should be used. In addition, some means to reduce the weight of the express method, for example, Mangosteen Weight Loss Mangosteen Slimming Syrup, can not be bought anywhere else, except on the official website of the manufacturer of the product, which supplies worldwide. All of the above benefits are due to the principle of operation of online pharmacies. The owners of an ordinary stationary pharmacy are forced to rent a room with a convenient, from the point of view of buyers, location, spending a lot of money on renting the room, providing the necessary conditions for storing medicines, salaries of employees, etc.

In addition, the amount of available goods depends on the physical size of the room in which the stationary pharmacy is located. Companies selling drugs on the Internet should have only the website through which the sale is made, and the warehouse where the products are sold. The delivery service is desirable, but not mandatory, since the delivery of medications ordered online can be carried out by third-party courier service. Thus, online pharmacies have the opportunity to rent a warehouse located outside the city or in an industrial area.

This will in no way affect the quality of their work, but will save considerable funds on rent. Therefore, the end user gets the opportunity to cheaply buy medicine at the online pharmacy, paying for it much less than it would have had to be given at a regular stationary pharmacy. Another advantage of online pharmacies is that you can immediately see the availability and cost of medicines that you need. You do not have to run around all the pharmacies in your area to find out the prices and choose where you can buy medicines cheaper. Now you can explore prices from the comfort of your home.

At the moment, many Russian pharmacy chains have evaluated and started to implement such a system of work. Now, customers have the opportunity not only to buy the medicine they need when they come to one of the company’s departments, but also to order it on the network’s website by selecting the delivery form: pick-up from one of the pharmacies or courier delivery. On the Obzoroff portal you can find information about various online pharmacies operating in the CIS countries.

We will tell our readers about who of them can be trusted and who is a fraud, show you video reviews of opening parcels from one or another Internet pharmacy, so that you can visually see who works honestly and who sends instead of the original means fake.

Thanks to our portal, you can not only find out the composition and properties of drugs, their pharmaceutical effects, contraindications and side effects, but also get information about where you can buy drugs cheaply, without risking getting a fake instead of the original.

Obzoroff site structure and detailed descriptions

Obzoroff makes every effort to make a detailed review of products in an accessible and understandable language. At present, descriptions of various cosmetic and medicinal products have been made, which are present on the market of a number of CIS countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, and also reviews of goods for Europe and Asia are published and America, written in their usual language. Another advantage of our portal is the constant updating of information. We regularly publish new articles, reviews, customer reviews and expert opinions. It is extremely important for us to provide our readers with useful and relevant information, so we regularly update our content, trying to tell you as much as possible.The structure of the Obzoroff website is made in the most convenient way for users and is divided into the main thematic categories: “Medicine” and “Health”, and the “Weight Loss” heading is separate for ease of searching and navigating the site. A separate “Accessories” block has been created, in which unusual and exclusive items are added, designed to make life more beautiful and comfortable, or just for convenience and ease of use in everyday life.

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In this section you can find and read a review of products that are not found in a regular store! It includes descriptions of devices and devices for tuning a car, goods for fishing and hunting enthusiasts, men’s accessories and branded watches, knives, household goods for personal and personal hygiene, special clothes with wonderful and healing properties.

As for navigation, you can always see a complete list of reviews of interesting products in the SiteMap section and in the rubricator of articles by categories. The Obzoroff website is in no way associated with commercial activities and has no business relationship with manufacturers. All published information is informative and educational only. Links to third-party sites are provided for informational purposes only.

We do not take responsibility for your actions committed on the websites of manufacturers. For authors of articles on similar topics “Health”, “Medicine” we offer cooperation in the exchange of articles of similar subjects and the mutual placement of unique texts, on cooperation issues write in the comments to the articles or through the feedback form. We welcome your feedback and suggestions!