Nutritionists recommend eating mushrooms

Nutritionists recommend eating mushrooms

Despite the fact that they are a tasty, useful and nutritious product, many people try not to include them in their diet, as they are afraid of poisoning.

As with any other food, naturally, the fungi can be poisoned, and, according to experts, such poisoning is one of the most serious, but this can be avoided if stored and cooked properly, and be careful when collecting so that the basket does not appear inedible mushrooms.

In addition to the fact that it is possible to prepare a variety of dishes from mushrooms that are distinguished by their unique taste, they also have useful properties that have a positive effect on the body, improve health.

Fungi in a dried form over the protein content twice outstrip the egg and three times the chicken meat, with virtually no fat, making them a low-calorie product, which are in demand among people who want to get rid of excess weight.

Positive Quality of Mushrooms

Another positive quality of mushrooms is that, with good preservation of vitamins, unlike vegetables and fruits, they do not contain sugars, while a large amount of phosphorus is contained. In mushrooms, there are eighteen amino acids and beta-glucanate, thanks to which the work of the immune system, brain, and they create an obstacle to the emergence and development of cancer.

People who suffer from heart disease, blood vessels and hypertension, it is recommended to include in the menu as often as possible mushrooms, which, thanks to the content of lecithin, prevent the accumulation of cholesterol and the formation of plaques in the vessels.

According to doctors, some mushrooms, such as white, chanterelles and mushrooms, have medicinal properties for allergic diseases, stomach and intestines, liver, as well as lung and kidney failure. In addition, mushrooms are considered an excellent remedy, which removes puffiness, and also thanks to chitin, promotes the removal of toxins from the body. It should be remembered that it is not recommended to give mushrooms to children under the age of twelve, because for their organism they are poorly digestible food.

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