Owners of Cats Differ by Longevity

Owners of Cats Differ by Longevity

Many people prefer to keep pets, which, according to experts, positively affect the state of human health.

Some people choose dogs, believing that they are more loyal, friendly, besides, regular walks with them have a positive effect on the well-being of the owners.

At the same time, a large number of people bring in cats, which, giving their warmth and affection, are considered a symbol of home comfort, maybe, therefore, for fourteen consecutive years the World Cat Day is celebrated.

According to experts, cats can rarely be seen in the household of single men, while women on the contrary tend to care for such pets.

It was also noted that the owners of cats are more likely to have good health and, oddly enough, their well-being, and because of this, cats are considered a kind of “doctors”, as not only prevent the appearance of any diseases, but help some get rid of. Regardless of the breed, cats have healing powers, thanks to which they can determine the place where the pain is felt from the owner, and, only he should sit or lie down, as the pet immediately approaches him.

The Effect of Cats on Human Health

Experts have told, what influence of a cat render on health of people. At present, very many children suffer from allergies caused by pet hair, and there are times when this translates into a more serious airway disease, such as asthma.

However, after the conducted research, it was possible to establish that children who from the very beginning contact with the cat, practically never have allergies.

Also, another equally interesting fact was revealed that people who cared for cats throughout their lives are distinguished by their longevity. The thing is that these four-legged friends help a личность to get out of the state of depression, thereby improving the nervous system, and also strengthen immunity, especially for the Siamese breed of cats. In addition, they can remove inflammation of any organs, and men reduce the risk of heart disease.