The Effect of Magnetic Storms On Health Status

The Effect of Magnetic Storms On Health Status

According to forecasts of meteorologists, from the first day of summer until June 5th, strong magnetic storms will be observed on Earth, during which the health of people sensitive to changes in meteorological conditions is deteriorating.

Most often in this category are people of old age, children, as well as other people who have problems with the work of the heart and blood vessels.

As a rule, on such days there are headaches, fatigue, reduced efficiency, and often jumps in blood pressure, and people with asthma, difficulty breathing.

And that’s not to mention the fact that even in otherwise healthy people sometimes there are problems with the adrenal glands, which leads to irritability, anxiety, and for no apparent reason, as well as increased levels of blood sugar.

How to Improve Your Health in Such Days

In order to suffer less from outbreaks in the sun, experts offer several recommendations. One of the serious mistakes that many people make on these days is the independent reception of strong medicines with side effects, which should not be done, because only a doctor can give a recommendation.

In order to get a charge of cheerfulness the whole day, drink the black tea boiled in a thermos in the morning, adding spices such as ginger, nutmeg and a bit of cardamom in equal proportions.

To remove the headache and spasms of blood vessels, tea with a clove is a good choice. It is natural to revise your diet, excluding from it all heavy food, worsens the work not only of the stomach, but also of the blood vessels.

On days when there are magnetic storms, it is better to completely stop using any alcoholic beverages that increase the stress on the heart, brain and vascular system. The same applies to smoking, while it is better not only to abandon such a pernicious habit, but also to the extent possible not to be in smoky rooms. And, of course, it’s more time to spend in the open air, while avoiding being in the sun, and as for sports activities, it’s better to cancel them for this time, even to those people who feel completely healthy.

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