Work At A Dacha with Benefit For Health

Work At A Dacha with Benefit For Health

Among people there is a different мнение about the infield, and if some do not want to spend time and energy to grow their vegetables and fruits, preferring to buy them in the market and in the supermarket, others are eagerly waiting for the opening of the summer season, when you can eat ecologically.

pure foods grown with their own hands. Naturally, to collect a good harvest of berries, fruits and vegetables have a lot to work on, but gardeners and truck farmers believe that such work only benefits, besides it takes more time to be outdoors, which is much healthier than lying on the couch in front of TV.

However, as doctors say, it is with the opening of the summer season that the number of patients who have pain in the back, legs and joints, as well as persons suffering from heart diseases and varicose veins, increases.

Not Allowing Strong Loads

The reason for this is that for the first time many people are overworked in the garden, thereby increasing the burden on the work of the whole organism. To avoid such unpleasant situations, experts suggest using some tips, observing which you can get a good harvest and do no harm to health.

Everyone knows that weeding is a laborious task, during which it takes a long time to be in a half-bent position, which often causes headaches, increases pressure, which negatively affects overall well-being.

To prevent this from happening, try to take a break every половина hour of work, arranging a warm-up to relax the muscles of the back, arms, legs, and also to improve blood supply.

It is worth remembering that the sun is most active from 11 to 16 hours, so at this time it is better to abandon all works to prevent heat stroke, skin burns, as well as abnormalities in the thyroid gland that is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Do not allow dehydration of the body, drinking the necessary amount of clean water that should always be near, as well as a first aid kit, which, in addition to dressings and disinfectants, should contain painkillers and used in case of poisoning or allergies.

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